Bula Bula!

Check out my video of the trip here!

Recently I jetted off to the tropical Fiji with two friends (Holly and Mercedes). With a somewhat planned out week of beach and adventure  we eagerly got off the plane only to find out that the weeks of storms before we landed, hadn’t decided to disappear. After a rain filled two hour drive we finally reached out destination, The Naviti Resort. Welcomed with a traditional greeting and smiles, we were led to our room and quickly filled our empty stomachs.

The following morning we woke up and thank god the weather was better. Full of sunshine and cocktails we hung out in the pool between kayaking and lunch. The following day was much the same, only sprinkled with rain. During the night we were able to be part or a traditional Kava ceremony, whilst i didn’t drink it myself, the look on Holly’s face said it all.

Prior to arriving we had booked some of what I believe are Fiji’s must do activities! On the sunniest day yet, we braved the long drive out for Port Denarau and boarded a speed boat on our way to Cloud 9. This pontoon, floating in the middle of Fiji’s crystal clear waters can be described by no other word than paradise. Once on board we scored a huge daybed with 360 ocean views, and utilized our bar tab on pizza and cocktails. Music played all day as us and a small group of others lounged, tanned (burned) and floated in the surrounding waters. I can definitely say this was the highlight of the trip, and delivered some of the best views this tropical paradise has to offer.

After a late return back to our hotel, we slept in the next morning. Before lunch we took the opportunity to go into the village near the resort and learn about how the locals live. Invited into their newly built church, we had bright hellos from local children before getting some handmade flower garlands. It was a welcome change to get some insight into just how different their way of life is. The rest of the day was spent swimming and reading in the sun, followed up by some henna art on our hands.

Early rise next morning as we pulled ourselves together and made the trip out to ZipFiji! Despite the rainy weather we walked up more stairs than I would’ve liked, and ziplined all the way back down. Some close encounters with snakes only made the experience more exciting, and the views as we flew between trees was amazing. To top it off, after a couple hours in the trees we returned to a home made meal of curry and banana bread to tide us over for the long ride back home.

Saturday was our last day in Fiji, and last minute we decided to book ourselves on a day trip to South Sea Island. By far the smallest piece of land I’ve been on, you could walk around the whole island in about 3 minutes. We sunk our toes in the sand (despite the abundance of coral) and enjoyed the use of kayaks and paddle boards on the beach. During a large lunch, locals were lovely enough to perform some traditional song and dance,  adding to the experience. After a full day here, we returned to the hotel, indulged in a nice meal on our final night, dreading the 3am wake up.

After a long but exciting week, we had an early departure back to Brisbane. I must say that despite some rainy weather, and a lot of driving back and forth across the island, it was an amazing week. I have a newfound love for Fiji, especially the people, and would love to return one day and experience it all over again!


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