Why I Chose Travel

Now there are many paths I could have taken in my life. I could’ve chosen to be a career woman, dedicated to a sport or have a big family. Not to say that these paths are mutually exclusive, because they are most certainly not. But often people have that one lifetime goal, that thing that defines who they are and their choices, and for me that is travel.

I like to think that I will never make a choice that would stop me from travel, but in a realistic world that’s just not something I can stand by. Whilst now I am in a no strings attached situation with a casual job and uni work I can do online, in the future that is likely not the case. So I take the opportunity to travel now, much to the frustration of my boss and my bank account. These are the golden years where my lifestyle is flexible and my student loans do not yet have to be paid and I will take advantage of that.

So for over a year now almost every choice I make comes back to travel. Do I want to go out tonight? or save that money so I can go out in Paris instead?  This has been the type of question I ask myself and almost always the answer is the latter. Now here is where I apologise to my friends for dodging social committments or almost anything that costs money, but when I get home from a trip and hear my stories they know it was worth it. Or, if you’re one friend in particular (brittknee), you stalk my instagram until you’ve convinced yourself that you want a life of travel as well.

There are so many reasons why I do love travel. I think most of all it comes from a love of learning, learning the streets of a new city, learning the way of a new culture and learning more about yourself as you have these life changing experiences. Hopping on a plane to the other side of the world isn’t as much of a mystery as it used to be thanks to the internet, but the excitement is still there when you step out of the airport to a place that is not home. 


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