The best place yet!

So anyone who has asked me about my travel experiences will know that, so far, I have one favourite place that is a stand out. If I had the choice to return any one place in the world, it would be Capri. An Island off the coast of Southern Italy, this little slice of paradise was everything I could have imagined.

A two week Italian experience was my first venture into Europe, titled ‘Simply Italy’ my Contiki tour took me to all the highlights of Italy. Trusting that any experience I had would be a good one, I decided not to do my usual weeks of research into the destinations. I thought that I would let each location I stepped foot in be a surprise, learning as I go without any preconceived perceptions about what I should expect. Boy was I right, Capri was a little day stop on my two week trip, something that I hadn’t event thought about or put on my bucket list. But it was by far the best days of my trip, for a million and one reasons.

Beginning my day with a short trip on a ferry from the Sorrento coast, we soon docked on the stunning Island of Capri. On the way there we sighted towering cliff faces as we cruised along deep blue water. Our tour manager pointed out holiday villas nestled in the hills that belonged to famous Italian designers and figures. Capri is in fact on a large hill, meaning to get from the dock to the city is either a long walk with many stairs, or a cable cart ride (which we opted for). Once in the city, it was clear why the island is one of Italy’s most expensive destinations. The narrow streets were lined with designed boutiques, I even found Camilla sold for triple the retail price of in Australia. One must have item from the island is handmade leather sandals in whatever style you choose. After browsing the stores of things we most certainly couldn’t afford, we made the walk further up the hill to a little cafe. Here we indulged in lemon and strawberry ice, we sat next to a small garden where they grew the fruits to make these cool treats. The view was breathtaking, the hillside dotted with houses down to the crystal clear water.

The best part of the day however, was earlier, we split our large group across two boats and headed out to explore the island’s coast and sneak a look into the beautiful grotto’s that it housed. Speeding across the water, we could not have asked for better weather. The sun bared down on us as we sat in awe at the glowing green water in the grottos and caves, a trick of the light. We later docked off the coast, and jumped ship into the water. The tempretature was perfect and we were surrounded by the high cliff faces of Capri. I could have floated there forever, music pumping from the boats, but alas every good moment comes to an end.

Many little experiences have compounded to build my love of travel and adventure but this day is paradise is definitely one of the more significant. To this day, Capri still stands as the best place yet and I encourage you to add it to your list!

Watch a mini-video here!


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