Just a little background to who I am!

Born in ’97 and a Brisbane local, I currently study Events Management and Marketing at Griffith University, a degree that at times takes a backseat to my love of travel. I love what I study but I find myself trying to shuffle exams and annoyed at university timetabling as it doesn’t accommodate my strong desire to be anywhere but home.

Now don’t think that isn’t because I don’t love my home, Brisbane is great and wider Australia is even better. And although it breaks my heart every time I leave my dog, whether it’s to fly halfway across the world or down to Melbourne for a work weekend, my sights are set on travelling and experiencing anywhere and everywhere that provides a different experience and insight to life than home.

Now this lavish lifestyle obviously isn’t compatible with my student budget, so working two jobs and living the poor life most of the year allows me a couple months of breathtaking adventure. It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun but when people ask me, how could I possibly afford this and can I show them how to as well? Basically it comes down to budgeting and once you’ve had a taste of wanderlust it is much easier to save the dollars the second time around. So far I’ve done a lot of travel by myself and coming into 2017 I am looking to do a whole lot more travel with my friends.